At Eideticom we are incredibly excited by NVMe Computational Storage. Our existing NoLoad® products use NVMe to connect accelerators to applications, this provides our customers with an end-to-end computational storage solutions. Our customers see value in a rich, open-source, vendor-neutral software ecosystem for computational storage and that's what standards like NVMe can enable. 

I am excited to introduce two new pieces of news relevant to Eideticom, namely:

  • A new standardization effort being launched around Computational Storage 
  • Eideticom’s new product offering - Transparent Compression using NoLoad Filesystem (NoLoad FS) 

NVMe Standardization for Computational Storage 

The NVM Express  standards body has set up a task force to add computational storage to the NVMe protocol. I will be working with my co-chairs (Bill Martin from Samsung Electronics and Kim Malone from   Intel Corporation) as well as many industry experts to update the NVMe protocol to support this. For now, much of what we will be working on has to remain behind closed doors (as per NVMe rules) but if you *are* an NVMe member please get involved. Standards like this create a vendor-neutral, open-source software-rich ecosystem that is *critical* to the mass adoption of accelerators. 

I am proud to be part of the great team at Eideticom that has been promoting NVMe-based Computational Storage via NoLoad since our inception. Standardization is a huge deal for us, and we look forward to seeing where this leads. In the mean time reach out to me or my team to learn more about what NoLoad  and our portfolio of end-to-end computational storage solutions can do to make your data-centre and edge more efficient! 

Transparent Compression

At SDC2020 a few weeks ago we publicly launched a Transparent Compression solution through a product we call NoLoad Filesystem (NoLoad FS). NoLoad FS is a stacked filesystem for Linux that enables application transparent  computational storage. Our customers use NoLoad FS to offload parts of their applications to NoLoad without having to change their applications or give up on their preferred filesystem. To learn more about our Transparent Compression solution and NoLoad FS see the demo I did at the SNIA #BOFlast week and ping me for more details! 

We see stacked filesystems as being one of the key software consumption models for  Computational Storage!